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Embracing the Hermit

Do we ever know where we are going?

The world on the computer connecting for work or play, to teach or to learn, to party or to support, to fill time and stay busy, to fulfil roles and meet deadlines demanded. Talking heads. Extraordinary technology.

A seed emerges from its hard casing. How did that happen? The condition is right to allow what was waiting to emerge. Time moves us forward…

Alexander Technique hands-on allow right conditions to emerge.

Having a teacher hold a space for you – present, awake, balanced in the connection with the space that holds us all, creates the opportunity for magic and for transformation in the entire psycho-physical system. For the experience of the unknown to awaken.

How may my hands best hold space right now?

Your presence is gently cupping my head, allowing me to be still. My whole system starts to unwind, to unravel, to release, to enter a state of being hitherto unknown. How could I know what was possible without your hands? How could I experience becoming light? How could I know the profound, the mysterious, the unimaginably beautiful?

I embrace the solitude this space has opened. Perhaps the hermit is one of my archetypes. 

I notice a retired neighbour has the hero archetype and is happy again, no longer bored but filled with purpose supporting the local community, running errands.

Seeing him spring to life helps me to understand – we are all different, will respond differently and have profoundly different experiences during this time. Thank goodness for differences. So may beautiful flowers in the garden.

I have to physically connect with a horse to even begin to understand what it is like to ride a horse. I cannot tell you how to do it. You have to experience it. You have to have courage and get on his back and learn to ‘fly’. You have to meet.

I cannot hold your head, nor you mine. But the planet does hold all of our heads and I trust her.

Love to you all


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