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Good Morning Here I Am …

There are many ideas for morning meditations and rituals to set up your day. I love this simple idea that was given to me by an Omani student, taught to him by his grandfather.


On waking sit for two minutes in a chair to simply appreciate that you have a body, a physical presence and that you are here  …


… Oh wow I have feet

look how they move

amazing how they fall out of my legs to the ground

toes so wriggly

Look at my fantastic hands

The shape, the complexity, the feel

My breath, my heartbeat, I am alive

This body is amazing ….


Two minutes appreciation of the wonderful amazing being that you are!


Good morning, here I am!


Body Magic 



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Magic Morning..7 easy morning rituals to set up an easier more flowing day before getting out of bed..

How to set up an easier more flowing day before getting out of bed…


1. MMMMMMMMMMMMorning. Start the day with a low hum….mmmmmmmmmmm! This will get your breathing open and easy and your body resonating with energy. . Great for the vocals too if you have to do a lot of speaking today. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM well thats easy! Might just do it again and again..


2. Breathe out, a whispered AH sound. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am here, isn’t it great. AHHHHHHHHHH.


3. SMILE SMILE SMILE. You know it’s good for you. Feel yourself let go of tension, holding worry as you SMILE SMILE SMILE! AHHHHH! MMMMMM! Feeling Good!


4. Pandiculate! – It means to stretch and yawn at the same time! In bed, out of bed, yawning and stretching is good for you. Just go for it. Call in the yawns. It’s energising, releasing and oh so very nice.


5. Say to yourself over and over “I let my neck be free, I let my neck be free, I let my neck be free!’ Hey ho! Guess whats happening? Your neck is freeing. The journey from brain to body and back is flowing. Muscles releasing thinking opening.


6. Stick your tongue out! Go on poke it out, pull some faces! The face can hold all sorts of disgusting thoughts, miserable tensions, unprofitable pull downs. Go on do what little kids do, pull some faces, have fun and get free! (Remember your still in your easy ozy oh so cosy bed, but of course you can do any of these at any time of day!


7. Forward and up, forward and up, forward and up! It’s a powerful thought! Forward and up into your day. Enjoy! The Daily Ease..

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