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Heave Awa’ Chaps I’m No Dead Yet!’

There’s a stone carved onto the entry of an ancient close in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile that says ‘Heave Awa Chaps I’m No Dead Yet.’ I used to see the stone every day. It made an impression.

A 300 year old building suddenly collapsed in 1861 and a young boy, James McIvor, was trapped in the rubble for several days. ‘Heave awa’ chaps I’m nae died yet!’ A fearless call for action. 

Ultimately none of us are getting out of here alive! How boring we would all be if we lived forever. No fresh ideas or new people, no growth or creativity, a static universe, how dull. It’s just a matter of when and no-one, NO-ONE knows when there time is up. 

One of the last things my dad said to me before he died was ‘don’t forget your fire proof!’ Army training! In other words life is a state of mind. We can choose our approach.

So why waste a good day with fear?

‘Let your neck be free’ and let’s find ways to ‘heave awa!’

As Einstein famously said –  the most important decision in life is to decide whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe! 

Be sensible, yes! But let’s not be cowed! 

Forward and Up! 

Love Kirsten

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