Forward and Up – Of mice and men…

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When you speak of love or something’s to be said

Brainbox, don’t pull back your wonderful but mighty heavy head

Balance your skull lightly, it’s a Universal Law

Listen well! Do less, using only lips and tongue and jaw!



Commentary on the drawing –


Little mice point to the place of balance at the base of the skull….

They ask us to listen, listen for our own balance…

The co-ordinating principle of lightness is light….

We are asked to speak up, to speak our truth….

Is it true if we are pulling our heads back?

Does the balance of the head make our truth clearer?

Can we balance our head and speak our truth?

Can we speak clearly, precisely?

Can our voice be heard?

Listen to our own thinking… what needs to be said?

To be or not to be…

Doing less can we speak our truth without interference?

The primary balance of the skull on the spine, a universal law, true for mice and men…

The mice give us clear directions, both anatomically and spatially….forward…up…balance….

Use your brain….brain box!

The little mice are falling in love with balance…..

I love you…..

Balancing love for self and another being….

Speak of love says the little golden mouse.. speak up.. speak the truth…

Are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up!

The house mouse swoons, it’s head in the clouds….

Bathed and balanced in the golden light of love…

High on love….

Love and balance are in the space between ….




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