Time for change

It’s time for Walter, my mini Shetland pony foal to be weaned.


I am no expert, my first foal

I could have done it suddenly – just take him away from his mum and deal with the screaming. Feel the stress. Maybe sudden, no time to think is kinder to us all..

Or slowly, which I have chosen.. get them used to the change bit by bit.

Hopefully reduced stress, even better no stress.

My impatient self would love it all to be done and dusted.

But then I would miss the process

Miss the learning curve that I am on

Miss the whispers from my intuition telling me what to do

Making me aware of timing

I would miss understanding and honouring the experience of others

I would miss this quiet journey of discovery as change is gradually made


I have no choice…but to take the time to figure out how to make the change

Change is a process…

It takes time, patience, awareness, inhibition, slowing down, listening within, noticing whats happening and letting each day reveal the best possible path.

Small decisions moving everything forward

Baby steps. Foal steps



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