And some things are going to make you tense…

Somethings are just going to make you tense! Like contemplating how to wean my mini shetland foal so the vet can come with his emasculator to chop his nuts off!

I am totally inexperienced at this, being the single ‘lady farmer’!


The way I have been unraveling the hideous, neck tightening thought in my brain is to think in little mini stages this week so as not to stress the horses. First separate wee Walter, my-buy-one-get-one-free surprise, from his Mum, Lettie for an hour, then two, then three and today for the day and night.


Have just let Walt have a suckle, but I definitely have to separate them as though still a baby he was behaving in a decidedly stallion like way this morning.

Little pony, big boy!


So far, so good. Peaceful ponies. Though not sure I will sleep too well tonight with one ear listening out! So it is definitely time to lie in semi supine and look after me for a few minutes and get many of the benefit of several hours sleep in fifteen minutes in this position of mechanical advantage.

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