The Flintstones Meets The Alexander Technique

This is the best thing I’ve made for my garden – a place to lie in semi supine aka constructive rest. Made from reclaimed decking with slates as a place to rest my head. I have my wooden bed and stone pillow sitting outside my studio and I use it a lot.

If you have space outdoors I completely recommend a Flintstonesque bed to lie on.

Let go, watch the clouds, let you intervertebral discs rehydrate, listen to the birds, let your muscles release into length, ease out, let inspiration find you, take time to be….

Wouldn’t it be great to have these in public spaces as a place for people to lie down to recalibrate and rebalance… maybe some time in the future, as we learn to value taking care of ourselves more, beautiful wood or stone rest places for a restorative lie down will be normal street furniture!?


Downloads for semi supine – Here

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