I have been procrastinating! I know this because my beat-myself-up-with-a-great-big-mental-stick-you-lazy-useless-so-and-so ego was telling me so. Bad habit that particular form of self torture!

The more the days of procrastination rolled by the more I started to notice that I was in fact taking very good care of myself whilst procrastinating. Better than usual perhaps. Odd!

My week of procrastination went like this –

‘Oh I’ll just go and lie in semi supine one more time.’ 

‘A nice walk will clear my mind’ 

‘Ooh! I must watch this interesting Ted Talk first.’  Link here

‘That Ted Talk has inspired me to go out for the day before I get on with the job. New vistas will help me pay attention to detail.’

‘Great trip, time for semi-supine.’

It struck me that lying in semi-supine aka Alexander Technique constructive rest is the perfect way to procrastinate. Noticing this I realised that procrastinating was maybe not the big-bad-wolf-coming-to-eat-me behaviour that my task master was telling me.

So I decided to look up the etymology of the word procrastinate. 

‘Pro’ – forward 

and ‘Crastinus’ – belonging to tomorrow.  

Putting it together we have ‘forward belonging to tomorrow.’ 

Procrastinating was suddenly beginning to feel very much like Alexander Technique to my now creative and curious procrastinator. 

The Alexander Technique teaches us to pay attention to ‘the means whereby’ – how we do what we do. By lying in semi supine instead of tackling the accounts with a sense of dread, I realised that I wasn’t so much procrastinating but more preparing my whole self to be more alert to tackle the job. To do it from a more whole-hearted place without resistance.

So, note to self for this new decade – there is wisdom in procrastinating!

In a society that applauds busy, allowing ourselves time to let go really does the world of good, taking us forward into tomorrow with much more ease belonging.

Let Go by Kirsten Harris

Constructive Rest audio downloads –

Link to Body Magic – here

Link to Breathe – here

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Forward and Up! Kirsten

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