Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water!

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water! 

It’s a strange expression, but one I usually say to my students during their first lesson. 

The baby is The Alexander Technique. The bath water is the teacher! 

Teaching the Alexander Technique is generally a second career or vocation and teachers come from a wide and diverse background.

Artists, (that’s me), musicians, scientists, dancers, doctors, physiotherapists, ex-military, equestrians, educationalists, actors, engineers, nurses, bakers, physicists, dentists, police, computer geeks are all some of the former or parallel careers of Alexander Technique teachers. Colleagues please do add to the list…

All of the above people are passionate about FM Alexander’s discoveries and as I am sure you can imagine the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and personalities that we have brings a diversity of teaching styles, explorations, emphasis and application of the work. All of which is held together by the brilliant paradigm that is the Alexander Technique.  

What we all have in common is great passion for the Alexander Technique because learning it made a huge massive wonderful life changing difference to our lives, to the extent that we have want to share it with others and committed to at least 1600 hours of intense training to do so.

Most of us, you will probably find, will say we are still learning and developing the ways we can use and apply the work. It is ongoingly fascinating because it is ultimately about how we relate to and live a happier, less fearful loving life

So, please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water if you don’t relate to my style! The Alexander Technique is brilliant. I would say, even if you love your teacher with all your heart, that it is definitely worth exploring the work with more than one teacher, due to the fact that it is so potential for all areas of life. Each teacher will have their unique take on the work because we are all unique and it is the individual wonderful grace and joy inherent within all of us that the Alexander Technique is so good at revealing.

Can you tell I love the Alexander Technique?

Forward and Up! 

Love Kirsten 

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