The Problem with Posture

The word posture roots in the word post. A fixed place. A post in the ground! It also means to ‘take up an artificial mental position.’

Words are obviously useful to help us understand our living condition but can also get in the way of the freedom we seek. We can and do react unconsciously to words in a way that is not helpful.

The word posture to me is horrible word that is commonly used to fix things like bad backs and positions on a horse, and that’s exactly what the word does – fixes things ie fastens securely in a place or position, which is the opposite of freedom and movement, poise and balance that is the most delicious and desirable state of being.

I definitely don’t want to be a posture, I want to be free to move, to flow, to change, to experience.

In truth everything is moving all the time, within and without! 

Our putting down of  posts into the ground from the first huts has developed a built environment that no longer reflects the rhythms of the world. We have flattened and straightened a wiggly world! Largely confined within straight walls and sitting on badly designed furniture it is easy to see how our ability to sense the subtlety of movement has diminished.

In order to cure ourselves of our lack of well being, our aching backs, shoulders and necks we have become posture fixated instead of learning how to move in a moving world – to move and experience the subtlety of our freedom. The kinaesthetic sense (our ability to sense movement) has been described as our forgotten sense. 

Simply sit or stand outside and watch for movement both within and without. We move in a moving world even when seemingly sitting or standing still! Everything moves all the time because we are alive and the natural world is alive.

So the question becomes am I alive to life not do I have good posture! 

My advice is dump the word posture from your vocabulary and trust that being alive, expanding your senses in all directions on this incredibly beautiful wonderful planet is truly all you need to keep you balanced and free and moving forward with long graceful springy movement, an open heart and a sense of awe… 

Develop your sense of movement awareness and see what happens… – Paintings and drawings. – Alexander Technique downloadable lessons

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