I am feeling frustrated!

I recently broke my toe. I don’t know for sure as the NHS don’t X-ray toes (Fair enough!?) Since the injury I have been getting intermittent pins and needles in my arm. I KNOW this is connected to the toe being out of whack, it makes total sense to me as I have never had this condition before. I am one whole being, living in a mobile muscly body suit after all. The injured toe is effecting all of me!  But tell that to a doctor or nurse. NO, I am told, the arm is not connected to the foot! That I am wrong! This is a complete nonsense to me! Of course the arm is connected to the foot!

So this morning I have decided BALLS! 

It is 6 weeks on, so any break is healed enough, I hope, for me to manipulate my foot myself with a golf ball and hopefully push or release the bone back into place. Frustration is leading to me feeling a bit like someone resorting to pulling their own tooth out! My arm has got really painful, whilst still being totally mobile. I just KNOW the pain is coming from something being off in the foot!

So, while I am playing with my ball (wish me luck) I thought I would share this with you…

This is something I do with my Alexander Technique students as a fun demo that everything IS CONNECTED! 

No Science expinations but it works. Try it out! 

  • First stand up and try and touch your toes with straight legs. This is a measurement of how flexible you are, that’s all. And it really doesn’t matter whether you can touch your toes or not. It’s just for comparison later. 
  • Then sit down and take a golf ball and roll it under one foot only for a while. Massage the underside of the foot.
  • Then stand up and look at the arm on the side that you have been rolling the ball. Your arm will (probably) look longer!
  • Then try touching your feet again. You will (probably) be more flexible.
  • Repeat on other foot. 

How do you feel after massaging your feet?

It is EASY, FREE THERAPY FOR THE WHOLE BODY! Keep a golf ball handy for a little bit of daily ease! 

PS. The horsy expression NO FOOT NO HORSE has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks, as I have been unable to drive to work or even draw!

(My apologies if I have offended anyone in the medical profession with this blog, absolutely no offence intended. I do however, find the lack of whole person, whole body, ‘holistic’ thinking frustrating! And whilst I understand financial constraints and totally appreciate the NHS, I wonder if an X-ray on an injured foot would give a road map for recovery for patients. The foot is a complicated structure, and how we use it impacts the balance of the whole body. Oh to be a millionaire footballer, I am sure my toe would be important!) 

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