Trust! A Door to Ease and Creativity…

The Unused Door by Kirsten Harris


Trust! How do you do that?


I believe trust is one of the many skills that the Alexander Technique teaches. A life skill that is as precious as it can be potentially challenging to access.


As we learn to trust the support of the ground and the direction of our thinking we become aware of the delicacy of our innate balance. As we learn to apply these skills to the bigger picture, to our life, doors of possibility, ease and creativity open for us.


How? Understanding some simple anatomy certainly helps. Knowing where we are being anatomically supported by the ground and our own structure makes it easier to learn to let go and trust that we will be supported, that we are OK!


Another skill is to trust your thinking. I do this with an awareness of a simple yet profound question – Is my neck free? If not, why not?


If I decide to do something, to make a decision in any way and my neck is free, it is the green light to proceed in a forwards and upwards direction. Flow forward.


If my neck is tight it is a red light warning sign. Pause, think again, perhaps stop altogether, notice what is happening, let go…


Lessons in the Alexander Technique help you heighten awareness of the feedback that your body is constantly giving you. As you get more skilled at listening to your inner tutor, intuition, the door of trust swings wider and wider open revealing new landscapes of possibility, ease and creativity …


A short blog on a big subject!



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