Are You ‘Musterbating?’

Are you ‘musterbating’?

I know I am! I must do this, I must do that!  I must, must, must….cut the grass, wash up, earn money, be more fabulous, write a blog, build a platform,  get fitter….fill in the blanks…..

It’s enough to drive a girl mad! The pressure I can put on myself, only serves to shorten and tighten me ultimately. Short breath, short muscles, short bursts of activity. In short!  I must stop ‘musterbating’!

Stopping really is an art. Knowing when to stop, spotting the moment to put down the brushes, not to speak, not to react. Stop and chill… But do we ever really practise stopping and  question what it means to stop. Consciously stopping in the moment for a breather, a moment of wonder, to just smile, to be grateful for simply being alive. I’m a master of ‘mustology’! But stopping… Stopping to let my neck be free, my shoulders drop? Stopping to tune in to how I am.

Stopping is an amazing way to take care of yourself!

Or stopping in a more full-stop kinda way, by laying down on the floor in semi- supine for 15 or so minutes. The amazing  Alexander Technique position of mechanical advantage, that very quickly restores your muscles into a lengthened resting state and allows your intervertebral discs to rehydrate.  The more often you rest in this way and do nothing the more you will get out of it! It’s the art of non-doing…

So guess what? I must go and lie on the floor NOW!

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