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The Daily Ease 2017 Alexander Technique Calendar

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The Daily Ease 2017 Calendar


A fun romp though the Alexander Technique –


It is all there in the cartoons and verses, so will make a terrific teaching aid for anyone who would like a few visual prompts to assist in explaining the principles of the wonderful marvellous Alexander Technique.


As they say a picture paints a thousand words!


And it is useful too, as it is a calendar for next year.


Child friendly Alexander Technique, a great talking point!


I have about 25 calendars left – when they are gone, they are gone…


Here is a link to buy.. The Daily Ease Calendar

Worldwide shipping... CLICK 


For more info you might like to check out previous blogs for commentaries on the images.


Have a wonderful inspired successful 2017…


Kirsten x

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Bone Up!

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Bone Up!


Kirsten Harris


‘Bare bones of matter, skeleton insight –

Spaced joints, mobile, long, supporting, freely upright!

Strong ‘Architect’ designed skeleton, not a bony wrecked fright

Haunted by creaking by day and by night!


One hundred years… I will regenerate ten skeleton bloody and white

Walking with your skeleton keeps bones strong, alright!’




‘Bone up on your anatomy’,  the little mouse advises….

He is having a light bulb moment…

It is a good idea to know your bones!

He is studying Alexander Technique!


The skeleton, universal man, is influenced by space, up flow, earth, gravity, time…


The human lies in bed, haunted by ghosts…awake… the past intrudes… worries… fears….aching bones…. she is not comfortable in her bed.

She should be warm and cosy but she is scrunched up….no ease here!


Under the bed a little mouse lies in semi supine…

He is saying – don’t lie there in pain missus –  lie in constructive rest, let go…

Visualise your skeleton…

Let it space out…

As you space out…


The dog is blissed out on his back. Happy dog! Body Aware pup.



Image and words form The Daily Ease 2017 calendar.

To buy a copy of this fun calendar and teaching aid  CLICK HERE

Alexander Technique wisdom for children and adults alike!



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Great diagrams of the skeleton and skull

IMG_3222 IMG_3225

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Kids Body Mapping the Skeleton

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These fantastic drawings by my first and second year students at the Edinburgh School of Music at Broughton High School are not copied from any picture of the skeleton. They are done from talking through the anatomy of the skeleton with them to create there own body map, developing X-ray vision as they observe each other and thinking about the size, shape and feeling of  there own bones under the skin and muscle.  I think the results are amazing. A good bony body map greatly improves understanding of movement towards greater poise.

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