Kids quotes on Alexander Technique

When we let go we get more energy – Lola age 12


Semi supine uncrumples you – Mia age 14


If everyone did the Alexander Technique there would be no more wars because everyone would be controlled and calm and in the right mind.’ Jack age 15


The Alexander Technique is a peaceful science – Kier age 14


The Alexander Technique is a relaxative! – Sean age 12


Semi supine makes you feel happier and be confident with your body. Mia age 14


Semi supine feels like it will help you cope. Victor age 13


If you’re depressed and you think ‘forward and up’ you may feel a bit better. It’s also a good position to think. For example if you have two periods of maths it’s really good to think’ forward and u’p so my back isn’t sore and my neck doesn’t get cramp. Victor Age 13


Semi supine makes me feel more ready to do stuff – Lola age 12


Semi supine takes your mind off worries. – Lucy age 15


It’s more than just lieing on the ground because my brain feels more ready to learn, less resistant. Saskia – age 12


Resting in semi supine empties my mind, it’s time to process so I can take more in – Anna age 17


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