Letting Go

Letting go can be tricky! It takes courage and trust. Trust in the support of the universe we live in, that is planet earth and it’s beings on it’s daily and cosmic scale. Courage to reach a new and unknown destination.

Letting go, can be small and it can be huge. But I think the process remains the same. Trusting that you are safe and will be supported and risking the leap into the unknown. We can’t change and stay the same. We can’t let go and know what is going to happen next.

For me letting go is a psycho-physical process on this the planet of emotions, earth. The mind has to trust, the body has to ease, the emotions have to be allowed. Well at least that is how it is for me. Breathing and trusting my heart, feeling and trusting my thinking, easing and trusting my emotional weather station.

Letting go of petty thoughts, letting go of long held muscles with all the past memory holding, letting go of loved dear ones, friends, relatives, pets! (I love you Lucky!) Letting go of expectation, letting go and trusting what happens next, letting go and being creative, letting go and being adventurous…

And letting go can start with just stopping and resting for a few minutes, because that kind of letting go allows holding in our being to unravel which allows change to unwrap and the adventure to begin.


Tally-Ho! I’m letting go!

Riding along on my horse Easy Flow!

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