7 Reasons why resting on the floor is Good for You!

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7 Reasons why resting on the floor is Good for You!

By Kirsten Harris


  1. Resting on your back with your knees bent, hands on ribcage and your head resting on 2 or 3 paperback books gives maximum rest to your body mechanics.
  2. Resting in this semi supine position for 17 minutes gives time for your intervertebral discs to rehydrate. These are the spongy spacing shock absorbers between the bony discs of your spine.
  3. 17 minutes resting still in this position gives time for your muscles to let go and begin to release into a more lengthened natural state. The hardness of the floor helps stimulate this, but as you let go, strangely the floor seems to get softer and more comfortable.
  4. Adrenaline leaves your blood supply as your body calms down.   Adrenaline is a poison for your system and we are all too often constantly awash with the emergency chemical.
  5. Resting and being a human being not a human doing, allows the mind to calm and function more creatively.
  6. This is a great position of letting go of old unwanted issues from your muscle tissues. Just letting yourself fall onto and ‘into’ the floor and ‘non-do’ releases old memories stored in the muscles and brings you back to the here and now.
  7. You feel much better! Physically, mentally, emotionally stronger, just by stopping and doing nothing!
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