A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

I found two Victorian carved shells in a junk shop on my trip to the beach this week.


Messages from the past  …


The first,  ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ … a granny expression, that made me think about Alexander Technique …

(Any excuse to buy!)


If you have a niggle in your back, a wee ache, what do you do?

Ignore it? Complain? Take a painkiller?


Or you could make a stitch in time

And lie in semi supine!


15 minutes semi supine
Is good for the spine
And helps you feel fine!


Listen to the seashell … it is ancient wisdom … take time now to save yourself from unravelling further …
Listen to the sea … your body …. your breath …. a stitch is your thinking …

Lie down now, before your ache gets worse! Let your mind travel around your body, particularly the achy bit, like a fine seamstress, stitching yourself back with your thoughts into a wearable, functional whole – a mobile muscly body suit!
Listen for the ocean inside
The flow that is available to us …

The seashell is wise and is speaking …


And for my artwork?
I always paint better when my back is free!
It flows more easily when I am balanced …


A spring Sunday, mothers day, to listen to grandma’s wisdom and let aches float away with the tide …


a slump book 025

A stitch in time saves nine – time for semi supine!


To learn how to do this easily and effectively instant help is available right now …

My media download, Body Magic is but a Click away … here!


‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore!’ – That tongue twister reminds me of my granny too!



A Sunday well spent brings a week of content …

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